Natural Breast Augmentation: All you Need to Know

There are many women, especially those of Asian descent, who are less than happy with the shape of their breasts, which some regard as too small, and there is a treatment known as natural breast augmentation that can reshape and enlarge the breasts.

What is Natural Breast Augmentation?

The term ‘natural breast augmentation’ (called เสริมหน้าอกแบบธรรมชาติ in Thai) is the reshaping of the breasts using natural body tissue, rather than silicone implants, which is a very popular treatment when compared to inserting implants, as the treatment is more natural. This procedure is also known as ‘fat transfer to the breast’ and if you would like to learn more about such a treatment, an online search is the best way to locate a nearby plastic surgeon who is capable of performing the operation.


This is the treatment used to remove the fatty tissue from either the midriff or the thighs, before it is used to supplement the breast area by injecting the tissue into place. When you meet the plastic surgeon for the first time, he would discuss the fine details, such as where he will remove the fat and how it will be inserted into the chest area.

Why Choose Natural Breast Augmentation?

The main benefit with natural breast augmentation is that there are no artificial substances inserted into the body, as very often, a silicone implant is rejected by the body. This can be very troublesome and can lead to severe infection, yet by transferring body fat from one place to another, there are no issues with rejection, as the tissue comes from the body.

Introductory Meeting

When a woman is interested in learning more about natural breast augmentation, she should carry out an online search to locate a suitable plastic surgery clinic, then book an appointment with the plastic surgeon to discuss all of the options. The surgeon would listen to the patient and after some discussion, a treatment plan would be drawn up, and during this first meeting, the surgeon would make sure that the patient fully understands the risks involved with surgery.

Non-Invasive Surgery

A top-class plastic surgeon is highly skilled and with incisions either under the breast fold-line or under the armpits, it is possible to reshape the breasts and leave no visible scarring. If you would like to discover how natural breast augmentation can help you, simply search online for a reputable plastic surgeon and make an appointment to discuss all the options.